Tuesday, April 13, 2021


The perfect spot
We lived in Minneapolis for four years. Our
apartment sat on the edge of "uptown." Lake
Calhoun lay below our windows. Offering
easy access to urban trails connecting it to
several other lakes within the city itself. My
office was in our flagship store on Nicollet.
Where a statue of "Mary Richards" (Mary
Tyler Moore) stood out front. A few blocks
down Target headquarters was connected
by a network of temperature controlled "sky
ways". That insured year round access and
comfort. It was a very nice place to live.
And we truly enjoyed our time there.
It couldn't have been nicer
That said, it wasn't perfect. On the surface the
city of Minneapolis was nirvana. Where even
winter's subzero winter temperatures couldn't
ruin the buzz. Liberal locals nurtured a vibrant
social and arts community with a performance
to populace ratio comparable to Manhattan.
Yet it was very - I repeat very white.With few
people of color holding leadership roles within
the business community and city itself. Along
with being a bit too nice. I.e. "Minnesota Nice."
A convoluted cultural cancer that enables locals
to avoid facing or telling the truth. Or as a New
Yorker like I calls it - the ultimate "smile fuck."
Leading by example
Within said warped reality everybody played
"nice". Even if they didn't treat all the same.
Hence for generations a cultural time bomb
ticked. Until George Floyd's murder exposed
its underbelly. Transforming one of the nicest
places I've ever lived into a global icon of the
worst in us. Now Minneapolis is the epicenter
of our national battle with racism, prejudice,
and hate. Forcing it's residents to face the evil
within. And if I know my friends and former
neighbors - few are better equipped to lead us
all to a better place. No matter how hard the
journey. And with their help we'll get there.