Friday, April 23, 2021


"I" cloud
Long ago a wise person suggested that one
not talk about things they don't know. Sadly
in our modern world few do their research
prior to spouting an opinion. Reacting to
controversy by immediately picking up the
phone or hitting the send, post, or publish
button. Long before they know that facts.
Rumor and innuendo rarely being a true or
complete representation of reality. Hence it's
best to step back, dig deep, and think before
you opine. Especially on people, places, or
situations you have no knowledge of. And
via data from questionable at best sources.
Show me the money
I have no idea what it's like to be a young black
man in these United States of America. Hence
it's hard for me to understand the many forces
that negatively impact males of color from birth
on. Several of my comfortable white friends are
questioning recent recognition of the victims of
racial injustice. Citing a history of questionable
legal and moral behavior that some suggest may
have contributed to their downfall and demise.
When queried for my opinion my response is
that I have no opinion. Given my ignorance as
to all of the facts. Therefore I'm unable to judge
others for the lives they've led and sadly.... lost. 
Easier said than done
Racism, poverty, and prejudice are complex
issues that cannot be easily linked to white
suburban values. There is no comparison.
So before we accuse others less privileged
of negligence...  I suggest we walk in their
shoes. Step back. Take a deep dive. Into a
very different world where many factors
limit one's options. Influencing their acts,
words, and deeds. One thing is certain. You
won't find easy answers. Nor direct links to
affluent cliches which suggest redemption
awaits poor folks who play by white rules.
Fixing society's wrongs isn't that easy!