Friday, April 30, 2021

What a difference 100 days makes

Something to celebrate
One hundred days into office President Biden
spoke to our elected represenatives. Laying out
his many accomplishments to date and plans
for the future. All of which projected an aura
of success, confidence, and depending on one's
political ilk - arrogance. Yet looking back on
the past one hundred days one thing is clear.
And that is we live in a much calmer country.
An odd sensation given the recent raft of mass
shootings, police murders, protests, trials, covid
deaths, and partisan legislation limiting voter
access. So why do I feel such a sense of peace?
What is the difference one hundred days later?
Rotten to the core
As claimed prior, long ago I wasn't political".
That changed when a scalawag named Trump
came to the fore. You see I knew him for the
man he truly was. Having watched him lie,
cheat, and schmooze his way to the bottom
feeder layer of New York real estate. Nobody
who was anybody in Manhattan respected,
liked, or socialized with him. All because
of his record of deceit, fraud, and aggressive
behavior. Yet for some reason, those who he
had no respect for decided he was their hero.
An outsider ready to fight for them. When it
was obviously all about him. And no one else.
Gone and soon forgotten
The end result being five years of sheer torture.
During which Mr. Trump relished, leveraged,
and maximized his time in the sun. The result
being an endless swirl of controversy, dissent,
and violence. All of which ended with his final
one-way flight on Air Force 1 to Palm Beach.
One day later he was out of the picture. Just a
washed up blonde. One who almost destroyed
this country. Along with deeply wounding the
Republican Party. Hence the biggest change in
past 100 days is that Trump is GONE. And that
President Joe Biden has risen to the occasion.
BRAVO! Now let's focus on what's important!