Thursday, April 8, 2021


Show me the money
This morning I read that fifty five corporations
who made a profit last year paid NO - I repeat
NO corporate income taxes last year. Whereas
back in the fifties through seventies they paid
up to 50% of their profits. A fact this taxpayer
finds shocking. Especially given that for many
years I myself paid over half of my earnings
to the government. So I just can't understand
why anybody who is elected to represent "we
the people" would ever fight a fair increase in
corporate tax rates? Who do they think pays
their salary?! And why should big business
pay next to nothing back to our government?
Free ride?
Nobody likes to pay taxes. Yet said necessary
evil keeps things going. While I never enjoyed
working for half my going rate - I embraced
said responsibility. Yet knowing others don't
has me feeling a bit of a fool. In that it seems
that the "smartest" folks - including former
Presidents and corporate powers evade and
escape said fiscal duty legally. Leaving us to
pay their way. So help me understand how
that's fair. America's crumbling roads and
bridges give a vast fleet of Amazon, FedEx,
and UPS trucks a free ride on a daily basis.
So why can't they pay their own way?
Trunk line
Call me a liberal. Consider me a socialist.
But I consider any politician who argues in
favor of big business my worst enemy. The
challenges of modern business are many.
Thus those who are successful leverage
any advantage they can. It's been said that
the winner takes all. However that should
not be via an unfair advantage. Hence like
it or not, it's time that big business finally
takes some responsibility and pay their due.
Meanwhile our responsibility is to insure
that our elected officials put US first. Not
those funding their re-election campaigns.