Monday, April 19, 2021


Unnecessary nuisance
There are times when you're just "over it."
Whether said apathy is driven by impatience,
exhaustion, or defeat really does not matter.
All that does is the realization that whatever
task or subject at hand isn't worth one's effort.
This morning I had to scape our sidewalks.
Removing a layer of ice and snow from the
prior night's storm. A necessary evil that one
can't escape in January. Yet come mid-April
becomes nothing more than an unnecessary
nuisance. One that good, bad, or indifferent
must be dealt with. Even if the last thing one
wants to do is deal with reality.
Let it snow
The other morning I turned off the news. Said
snap decision occurred post hearing of yet two
more mass shootings the night before. At best
such strategic abstinence is little more than a
temporary diversion. In that life (and death)
goes on. Whether one acknowledges it or not.
All the more motivation to try to find some
good in whatever happens our way. Thinking
about it - the snow this morning was rather 
lovely. Especially the way it clung to every
tree branch. In addition, central Montana is in
need of moisture after whats been a dry winter.
So maybe... said snow was a good thing.
Better late than never
One's view depends of one's perspective. Hence
when stuck beneath a dark cloud all is gloom
and doom. Whereas if one maintains a sunny
outlook it's easy to find gold at the end of the
rainbow. My problem (and I assume yours) is
that there are times when optimism can't stem
a tsunami of pessimism. But what comes next
if one is "over it"? Many a fresh start is fueled
by bitter defeat. What's done can't be finished
until the job at hand is done. Tomorrow this
snow will melt. Watering all the flowers just
waiting to pop. So better late than never the
best is yet to come. Until then get shoveling!