Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Now... where was I?

Lost and found
There are times when we all lose our way.
When suddenly we can't recall how we've
arrived where we are and for what purpose.
This morning I ran to the hardware store.
In theory to pickup a few things. My issue
being that post arrival - I had no idea what
said tidbits were. Obviously I could have
brought a list. However that would've been
too easy. So I wandered up and down the
aisles hoping for enlightenment. Which 
post a few minutes in limbo finally dawned
on me. Soon I was back at the task at hand.
Only to realize I'd forgotten a key element.
Then and again
My father had tendency to repeat himself.
Hence whenever I left a portal ajar Dad
would yell "the door, the door, the door"!
Three times may be a charm but rarely did
it guarantee compliance. Nowadays I do or 
say the same thing multiple times prior to
accomplishing anything. The sole benefit
being the extra steps needed post realizing
what I forgot in aisle one. As I stand in the
parking lot. While ever patient Frank grins.
Assuming that whatever self flagellation 
involved may teach me a lesson. That is if
I'm able to remember what it's all about.
Forgive and forget
If nothing else I've become incredibly skilled
in the art of omission. My lack of instant recall
not only defers judgement but quickly wipes
life's slate clean. Given I can't seem to keep
things straight - who am I to judge? I'm proven
to make my share of mistakes thus it's only fair
to afford others a margin of error. There but for
the grace of God go I. Or who knows? Maybe
I've already been there and simply forgot? All
the more reason to treasure the here and now.
So rather than dwell on what's lost - appreciate
whatever you already have. After all, isn't that
what memories are made of?!