Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Knock, knock, who's there?

Caught red handed?
Inevitably karma comes calling for all of us.
Hence I must admit that I enjoyed the news
that Federal Agents were searching Rudy
Giuliani's apartment for evidence. Ultimately
perception foretells reality. So something is
up. Post years of blatant abuse of legality,
propriety, and honesty it couldn't happen to
a badder guy. Proof that even the worst of
us must suffer our consequences. And that
nobody is above the law. Especially if your
sugar daddy is out of office. Along with any
chance of a pardon. So to quote Mr. Trump
"it is what it is." And Rudy is screwed.
Trial and error
Why does it seem that justice is rarely served?
Most of the time bad guys never get caught.
Let alone convicted. Rather the end result is
that most of them get elected. Historically in
Washington D.C. pushing the envelope has
been part of our legislative process. However
stepping over the line between good and evil
now seems business as usual for many within
our political fray. After all we just completed
four years of lies ending with insurrection.
Assuming what goes around comes around -
when will Mr. Trump meet his comeuppance?
Or better yet an orange jumpsuit all his own?
Our day will come
Or... maybe he already has. Rumor has it that
Donald Trump spends his day's golfing. Or
watching TV in the comfort of his office in
Mar-a-Lago's formal bridal suite. Could his
extended state of suspended animation be his
worst punishment? Set aside, far away from
it all, with nothing to do but stew. One has to
wonder if he worried that the law might come
knocking on his door? With all of his pending
lawsuits, state and federal investigations there
is a strong chance he'll be taken to task. Thus
it could be just a matter of time before Donald
and Rudy are finally reunited... in jail.