Wednesday, April 7, 2021


A new day is dawning
Even here in Lewistown Montana there is no
doubt that spring is imminent. Every morning
I monitor the progress in Frank's garden. Post
a Coronavirus winter of our discontent we've
somehow survived. Life is starting anew with
the rebirth of perennials and plethora of weeds
already sprouting. All as the lawn gets greener
on a daily basis. While our lilacs, apple, and
Canadian choke cherry trees are heavily laden
with buds working hard to pop. Which means
any day now we're likely to have some sort of
blizzard. After all it wouldn't be springtime in
Montana without another white out or... two...
Fresh start
Amidst said spring awakening we're reminded
that cliches often prove to be anything except
trite. As the sun grows warmer it naturally puts
a spring in one's step. Post being trapped in the
house for months, a breath of fresh air is certain
to invigorate. And given what's going on in our
gardens one must admit that yes, April showers
absolutely bring May flowers. Seasonal shifts
have us all doing what comes naturally. Thus
spring cleaning is all about exiting the old in
order to welcome the new. Even if many claim
they "don't do windows," little is as rewarding
as viewing one's world via a crystal clear plate.
Hope, faith, and charity

Here in Central Montana, spring is all about
getting back to business. Post a winter break,
our agricultural community is out and about
making things happen. Naturally gamblers,
they know each seasonal step forward comes
with its risks and liabilities. Hence at this early
stage too much or too little of a good thing can
negatively impact the end result. No wonder
most ranchers are naturally skeptical. Fully
aware that anything can happen, they cannot
help but worry and rightfully so. Thus as the
rest of us tiptoe through the tulips, they must
plan for the smartest way to hedge their bets.
There is still time to chill

Which explains why most Montanans approach
spring with caution. Seventy degree days can be
followed by blizzard like conditions. Therefore
local gardeners never plant their seedlings until
after Mother's Day. While it's tempting to turn
off the heat, chances are a deep freeze is about
to hit. Straddled between such seasonal yin and
yang, it's best to enjoy whatever comes our way.
Knowing that all too soon summer will be here
in full force. Bringing with it the threat of hail,
drought, floods, and insects. Which are all the
more reason to seize the moment. And here in
Montana - prepare for the worst! SPRING ON!