Friday, April 2, 2021


Opposites attract
We all have our comfort zone. Living our lives
in ways that suits us. Along with acclimating
to the world around us. Finding our groove.
Going with the flow. Along with establishing
our individual - personal versions of status quo.
Yet ultimately said personal sphere of influence
skews our perception of the world at large. Post
designating Lewistown, Montana as our "home"
for over ten years we've become as "local" as
we can be. Accepting, embracing, and at times
putting up with the foibles of living in our quite
isolated circumstances. Yet somehow it works
for us. And all is good in our "world".
Theory of relativity
Our only challenge is when those who live far
from Lewistown, Montana make assumptions.
Not understanding is that everything is very far
from here. Thus the quick solutions they have
come to expect are rarely available. Don't get
me wrong - the world is at our fingertips via the
internet. But even with Prime it can take a few
days to get here. The fact is "normal" changes
wherever you live. Which hit me last night as 
four deer slowly strolled across Main Street.
Not noticing the guy in shorts carrying a sign
protesting wearing masks. Nor the old man
driving by on his ancient ride-on mower.
Chumps off the old block
In the past our hood was Central Park South.
Bergdorf Goodman and the Plaza sat at end
of our block. Hipster hotels, posh eateries,
and the cities most expensive apartments 
lay within steps. A world in which we were
quite comfortable in. Now we've adjusted to
our subsequent chosen place. Cherishing our
alternative reality for both the good and bad
that comes with it. Fortunately our Covid 19
crisis seems almost at an end. Which will
enable us to reinstall balance in our lives. As
in soon traveling back to a Manhattan that is
quite different than the one we left. 
Mixed messages
Time marches on. And fortunately we all adapt
to our circumstances. Our collective challenge
is being able to respect the differences between
"us" and "them". Wherever one lives - there is
a world beyond that differs greatly. Within the
melting pot context of a democracy such as ours
we're forced to mix. And hopefully leveraging
said melange of diverse experiences into the
ultimate expression of equality. Hence while
there's a big difference between bumping into
a Park Avenue matron on Fifth or a doe and her
fauns on Main - BOTH make us who we are.
A living manifestation of the American dream.