Friday, April 9, 2021


Change for change's sake
If you're an old curmudgeon like me - change is
challenging. All that we want is that everything
remain as it was. Smooth, stable, and within the
realm of established expectations. Yet rarely is
life that easy. In that the continuum that within
we exist is evolutionary by nature. Forcing all
involved, even those most resistant to adapt to
whatever comes our way. Thus even if all that
we want is for nothing to surprise us, almost all
that old is new in our never ending spin recycle.
A process which not only affirms how good we
have it. But proves how much better change fo
change's sake can be. So why be future tense?!
To each their own
Confronted by forces beyond our control we
each react in different ways. Consider the
Covid 19 pandemic. Some followed the rules.
While others rebelled or ignored said threat.
Much the same as how folks handled Donald
Trump's term in office. Somehow most of us
survived. The end result being that we're if
nothing else a bit wiser for the wear and tear.
Fortunately it seems that steps to bolster the
economy are working. And life as we know
it is slowly returning to "normal." Which has
me cautiously optimistic. Assuming the end
is near how can't our future be bright?! 
Tabula rasa
Here in Lewistown Montana change on the
horizon. Real estate is booming. Hence few
homes are on the market. Meanwhile several
big buildings downtown are in the process
of being renovated and revived. Signs that
our community is alive. well and growing.
Which in part is the reason we are moving
and expanding C+V HOME. Into what was
once a Mexican eatery is about to become
a chic enclave of antique, vintage, and new
gifts, furniture, and home accoutrements. 
Further indication that change is good. And
that we can all change for the better.