Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Red alert?
The completed final 2020 census results have
awarded Montana a second congressional seat.
Splitting our population between the current
Republican Congressman - Matt Rosendale
and a soon to be elected second. Montana is
a RED state. We just elected a scoundrel and
former Red Congressman Greg Gianforte as
our Governor. Our state house is also red den
of iniquity. Which post a lengthy blue reign is
currently reversing a plethora of prior decision.
Resulting in what must be deemed the political
equivalent of a virulent red tide. One that will
if nothing else sets us back to the dark ages.
Blue heaven?
Hence most national media has been assuming
that said second seat will automatically add yet
another red acolyte to the Republican side. But
the majority of Montana's population  growth
occurred in two blue pockets - Missoula and
Bozeman. Plus one red stronghold - Kallispell.
Which sits within Flathead County. Their 2020
voting results showing several blue strongholds.
Hence depending on how the Republican held
state house allocates the new district - could
mean theres a slight chance Montana's number
two representative could be blue. Or at least
a lovely shade of purple.
Purple reign?
As one evaluates the impact of the 2020 census
results one thing is clear. Which is that the shift
of growth - even within southern regions has
been fueled by large urban metropolitan cities.
Not country folk. However what is obvious is
that said tail wags most red dogs. Motivation
enough for blue and purple folks to step up to
engage in our next electoral process. Somehow
I'm optimistic. In that all of these newcomers
relocating from blue prior enclaves may have
changed their location but not... politics. Thus
there is ample opportunity to leverage growth
towards a fair balance. It's called democracy...