Friday, April 16, 2021


Fast on the trigger
Why does it seem that every morning is yet
another rude awakening. Today the news is
that some guy drove up to a FedEX ground
facility in Indianapolis. Got out of his car. 
And proceeded to kill eight people, wound
another seven, and then finally turn the gun
on himself. All within minutes. At this point
a motive and the identity of all involved in
unknown. The only thing certain is that his
mode of murder was once again an automatic,
rapid firing weapon. The type designed for
one purpose. Which is to be aimed and shot
as ultimate killing machine. And nothing else.
Killing machine
Since March sixteenth - one month - seventy
Americans have died - two hundred nineteen
were injured (most critically) in FORTY FIVE
mass shootings. The majority involving the
use of high powered "automatic"weapons. If
you don't find the above shocking then you're
more than numb. Whether ignorant, oblivious,
or blatantly callous - it's almost impossible to
not feel a sense of remorse and fear. Due in
part to the fact that where ever one calls home,
it's anything but safe. Which proves that the
odds of you being shot by some crazy person
are against you. Bang, bang, you're dead.
Before it's too late
The first amendment's purpose is to enable
Americans to defend themselves. However
it's highly doubtful that our founders ever
imagined what would be readily available
two centuries later. Today almost anybody
can purchase, own, and carry weapons of
mass destruction. Hence our crisis is NOT
about hunting. Nor defending one's home
against intruders. Our crisis is that it's too
easy to freely and rapidly murder anyone
you don't like. A phenomena thats not only
crazy - but UN-AMERICAN. It's time that
our elected officials stopped the madness!