Monday, April 12, 2021


Mitch bitch
The other day the Senate Minority leader - 
Mr. McConnell suggested big business stay
out of politics. Well... not actually out. But
rather remain a silent partner. Apparently
it's fine for companies to donate big money
to support political causes. But it's verboten
when it comes to sharing political opinions.
Thus the less said the better. Indication that
the art of hypocrisy remains a highly honed
craft for most politicians. A bit odd given
that historically it's been fine for purveyors
of beans and pillows to vociferously defend
a former President. So why can't money talk?
The less said
Long ago business owners learned that politics
and customers rarely mix well. Hence most
stay away from said subject. Separating their
political beliefs and the purveyance of goods
and services. Not an issue passes of our local
paper when I don't feel the need to respond to
yet another letter to the editor. Yet somehow
I resist. Assuming that narrowing my store's
audience in a small town is truly not a growth
strategy. Meanwhile I continue to write a blog.
Knowing all too well that it reinforces local
perception that I'm a raving liberal leftist. And
a queer one at that. Who can't help himself.
Call to action
The greatest challenge in life is knowing when
to draw the line. At some point good is forced
to usurp evil. Thus the motivation of over one
hundred CEO's of big companies who gathered
via phone on Saturday. To discuss the threat that
limiting voters rights will have on their fellow
Americans - i.e. customers. Along with limiting
their firm's future growth. Knowing that in the
end their customers trust them to do their part
to make their lives and America great. But let's
face facts. Doing so benefits their business. Not
corrupt politicians who rely on their donations
to stay in office. No wonder Mitch is upset!