Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why is it called Big Sky Country?

Stormy, sunny, cloudy, bright, dark, happy, gloomy - 
the sky here in Montana always amazes.

This painting is by Robert Baranet (who was a true roue' if ever there was one).
It's simply called "Western".
Frankly I doubt "Barry" ever visited Montana.
His preferred locales were Manhattan, Connecticut, Europe, or Jamaica.
But... Barry's canvas truly captures the Big Sky.

From every Montana vantage point at least two thirds of the view is sky.
Hence I assume the rationale behind the moniker "Big Sky Country".
After living in vertical cities these vast open spaces always inspire.

Big Sky...

The majesty of steel grey rolling clouds as a storm front moves in.
The grace of floating puffs drifting across a sea of azure blue.
The beauty of brilliant explosions of light at the start and end of the day.

No matter the season or weather
it's hard to find a reason to be anywhere else.

maybe there is just one reason.
If only the King Cole Room was a few blocks away... 
now that would truly be paradise!