Thursday, February 18, 2021


Seeing is believing
I've decided that our great American divide
isn't about politics. Nor red or blue. It's just
that some people aren't happy unless they''re
miserable. That's how a wise sage summed
up a neighbor. In that no matter how good
things are - they see the bad in everything.
Last night Frank and I tuned into President
Biden's Milwaukee Town Hall via CNN.
Truly moved  by his humanity, kindness, and
candor. Then we flipped over to FoxNews to
view life from their view. And it was as if the
world was coming to an end. Could it be that
we choose to be our own worst enemies?!
Wake up call
One of my all time favorite movie scenes is
in Moonstruck. When Cher utters "snap out
of it" as she slaps Nick Cage back to reality.
Do we ALL need an attitude readjustment? 
This morning my eldest daughter posted two
very positive messages on Facebook. Later
I thanked her for brightening my day. Her
motivation for said outburst of optimism?
A counter reaction to a plethora of negative
social media via family, friends, and others. 
Coming from BOTH sides. Apparently we
have nothing better to do than complain. Is
that proof that misery truly loves company?
Alternative reality
As I've shared before - my dearly departed
Mother struggled to find any upside in her
final years. Her angst fueled in part by the
"news". I realize that just saying that adds
fodder to deep conspiracy theories about
corrupt media. However such foolishness
simply offers some an excuse for negativity.
The fact is we all have a choice. Which is to
see the glass half empty or half full. Each of
us are responsible for the way we see things.
So rather than adding to your problems -
why not solve them by turning the channel.
Theres always HGTV. Or the Golden Girls.