Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Again, and again, and again

Tis a puzzlement
Try as I might - there are many things in my
head. Issues, challenges, and regrets I can't
resolve. Hence everyday I work through the
same things in different ways. Trying to put
the pieces together. Obviously said struggle
is an evolutionary process. Therefore while
I wish I could make it all go away - it never
ends. Providing further fodder to my theory
that some things are just meant to be. Yet
that doesn't end my quest for answers. Nor
writing blogs about the same things day after
day - month after month - year after year. So
do you think that I'll ever reach a conclusion?

Love and war
Most of us are repeat offenders. Thankfully
my dear readers are patient enough to read
my same thoughts again and again. Hence
life goes on. And in hindsight this blogger
gets older and wiser in the process. Which
leads me to my next conclusion. There are
certain mysteries in life that are meant to
never be understood. Some good others bad.
Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at the
love Frank and I share. For whatever reason
we're connected in a deep and natural way.
Honestly, theres no explaining why such a
love. Yet there it is. So why question it?
Getting there is half the fun
Few of us struggle with positive influences.
Instead we embrace them for what they are.
Yet few of us feel the same way about life's
challenges. Most blaming themselves for
things far beyond our control. The truth is
that some folks won't like us no matter how
we try. Try as we might - most of us tend to
make the same mistakes. Mostly due to a
natural Pavlovian tendency we can't control.
Thus why fight the inevitable? Maybe we
should celebrate our weaknesses. And be
done with them. Then again theres a chance
that someday we'll figure things out. Hmm...