Friday, February 19, 2021


Talk to the hand
Life seems to be all about ebb and flow. Given
we've little control over fate itself we learn to
adapt to whatever comes our way. This blog
chronicles my reaction and resulting opinions
to said phenomena. These last weeks I've been
going through a period of adjustment. Slowly
weaning myself off politics. As many of my
kindred spirits have shared the exit of Donald 
Trump from the White House has been a huge
relief. Causing those opposed to feel as if the
weight of the world has been lifted off their
shoulders. Meanwhile those still under his
influence feel the exact opposite.
Silence of the lamb
In hindsight it's shocking how the American
populace along with the world allowed Mr.
Trump and his shenanigans to consume us.
Therefore while I rarely agree with Senator
McConnell - his decision to ignore Donald
Trump's very existence resonates. Anything
else would give our former President exactly
what he wants. Which is recognition, focus,
and power. All providing fodder for his ego
and further attempts to control the American
political arena. Hence like a crack whore
going cold turkey - Mr. Trump is now in the
midst of a major withdrawal crisis.
The orange state
So where do we go from here? As with all
things in life we have a choice. Our options
being to continue to allow Donald Trump
to manipulate us. Or... to see him for who
he truly is. A recent retiree who has been
sent out to pasture in Florida. Obviously he
is still a self-consumed megalomaniac with
no morals. Hence acknowledging his very
existence fuels his mania. Which is why
I'm singing along with Mitch in his Trump
swan song. Giving Donald the time and
space to deal with his legal challenges. It's
over.  And as far as I'm concerned he's out.