Friday, February 5, 2021

"Q" & "A's"

Q confessions
The other day I watched an interview of
a young, unemployed, single mother from
down south. During which she chronicled
how she had become a QANON follower.
Long story short she adored Trump. Hence
as she "liked" Trump Facebook posts she
was led down a dark Qanon trial. Soon to
become an "Q" believer.  Consumed with
her cyber addiction. She believed all she
read. That is until the world didn't go dark
on inauguration day. No military coup. 
Nor as she had been promised did Donald
regain the presidency. She'd been fooled.
Is that all there is?
Disillusioned she realized that everything
she'd believed was a lie. However that is
NOT what I found shocking. Rather it was
her rationale as to why she'd been suckered.
Her excuse being that she's always been a
"follower." One who thought, said, and did
whatever others told her to do. Hence from
birth she'd been told she was a Republican.
So she voted red. And as her affection for
Donald Trump grew she followed his lead.
So much so that if Mr. Trump had told her
QANON was a lie she would have rejected
it. However... for some reason he never did.
Follow the leader
And that's what bothers me most. While
I appreciated her true confession - I found 
he fact that sheep like her almost led this
country over the edge beyond disturbing.
Leading me to believe that ultimately we
will find that most of those who stormed
the Capitol in January did what they were
told. Willingly, freely, and compromising
themselves (and our democracy) for the
sake of one man. A phenomena which not
only shocks me - but also doesn't surprise.
In the end stupid people do dumb things.
At the bidding of pied pipers like Trump.
Out of the mouth of babes
As if that wasn't sad enough watching the
Republicans attack Liz Cheney and laud
Marjorie Taylor Greene was deplorable.
Apparently rats will do anything in their
quest to do Mr. Trump's dirty work. Even
if that means compromising every moral
fiber left in their pathetic caucus. In the
end two thirds of them did the right thing
when it came to Cheney - anonymously.
Post publicly voting on Taylor Greene's
fate only eleven reds stood up against
insanity. All others taking her "Q". Then
hauled away their sorry asses in defeat.