Monday, February 15, 2021


Ignorance is bliss?
Some people simply refuse to embrace reality.
Twenty years post Nixon's White House exit
my father still claimed his innocence. Some
cling to the hope that Elvis is alive. As others
look the other way as an errant spouse cheats.
Anything to maintain the status quo.  Living
in a state of denial is if nothing else sedentary.
Given that it prohibits us from moving on. Or
changing for the better. Yet that's just what the
Senate Republicans did on Saturday. Denying
facts while ignoring their prior vote in order
to use a flimsy pardon for a guilty as charged
(not tried) criminal (as per Mitch McConnell).
Deferred disengagement
Sadly their attempts to avoid reality may have
unleashed an evil force. Hence while the odds
are still against him - Mr. Trump is planning
his next gig. One that given the events at our
capitol on January 6th might end up hostile.
Which shouldn't come as a surprise. Any time
that any of us try to avoid confrontation. Or
attempt to defer fate. We still get screwed. As
the Bible says vengeance is God's inalienable
right. Hence as we all know, retribution comes
full circle. Meaning that every Senator who 
exonerated Trump will ultimately get theirs.
In the end karma kicking in (as in their asses).
Back at you
Life goes on. And ultimately good inevitably
usurps evil. So while I abhor what happened
on Saturday I can't let it bother me. From the
day he entered the political fray I called out
Donald Trump for who and what he is. My
honest assessment often falling on deaf ears.
Hence I've felt both validated and exonerated
as the facts continue to come out. That said,
I continue to fear for our future. Because as
far as Mr. Trump is concerned - this is just
a restart. His chance to inflict punishment on
all who "dissed" him. The big question being
does he still have enough power to do it.