Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Caught red handed
Recently the news broke that John Weaver
a highly respected Republican strategist had
been approaching other men for elicit sex.
Later said co-founder of the Anti-Trump
Lincoln Project issued a statement which
acknowledged he was a gay closeted man.
One who led a life of deception because he
"loved" his wife and children. Soon after -
GOP pundits reported on said debacle with
relish. Deeming it confirmation that Trump
foes are evil. Claiming Weaver's proclivity
for sex with men proves Trump has been
unfairly slurred by closeted perverts.
Hidden agenda
Politics aside - John Weaver's now exposed
hidden secret proves that any violation of
nature is wrong. At age sixty one he grew up
in the same world that I did. Hence early on
he was taught that his innate attraction to the
same sex was "wrong". That if he wanted to
be happy he must play by the rules. Meaning
that the only way to be successful was a wife
at his side. A false hope that I too shared. But
fortunately I was able to find a way to live
my life honestly many years ago. Not before
my inability to embrace my truth devastated
my former wife and four innocent children.
Damned of you do or don't
Since the dawn of time many have tried to be
something they're not. Conforming to societal
norms rather than accepting their own nature.
The result requiring a faulty balance between
fact and fiction. Truth or consequences. And
perception versus reality. Which guarantees
that somebody will be hurt in the process. By
it's very nature deception makes fools out of
everyone involved. Hence when "caught" all
impacted are forced to clean up the mess.
Whether they want to or not. Thus a lifetime
of lies - even seemingly well intentioned - 
inevitably leads to their ruination.
Exit strategy
All the reason to be honest. To accept  our
individual truths. To proudly be who we're
meant to be rather than conform to society's
norms.  Fortunately much as changed in my
lifetime. Eliminating the need for gay folks
like John Weaver to live a lie. And within
their secret warped world - hurt themselves
and others in the process. Obviously Mr.
Weaver's actions as a sexual predator were
wrong. And for those wondering - recent
revelations are punishment alone. All just
because against all odds - he could not be
true to himself. Nor to the world at large.