Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Why hast thou forsaken me?

What in God's name?
Perception may be reality however fantasy
never is. Currently a sizable portion of my
fellow Americans prefer to embrace a pack
of lies. Proven irrelevant by conservative
Republican judges across this country. Yet
rather than accept the falsehoods of a fallen
President at two faced value they choose to
consider them truth. So what does one do
when those they know and love refuse to
accept reality? Propagating deception rather
than fact. Even worse - piously doing so in
the name of Jesus. When did Christianity
become the realm of the inveterate sinner?
Good, better, best?
Yesterday Mr. Adam Kinzinger - a six-term
Republican Illinois Congressman shared a
letter sent to him by his cousin. Chastising
him for taking a very public stance against
Mr. Trump for his crimes against democracy.
Suggesting said veteran had now joined "the
devil's army". Hence now a "disappointment
to us and God" Along with guilty of slurring
his family's reputation. To make their point
said relative sent copies to state Republican
leadership. In theory affirming their censure
of said patriot for speaking the truth. So what
makes them better than him? DELUSION?!
Black sheep
Something tells me God and Jesus know the
truth about Donald Trump. After all, the last
time he went to church was for a bogus photo
op during the George Floyd riots. Along with
the fact he is a proven adulterer who bribes
his bimbos into silence. I'm confident that
Mr. Trump's dishonest business practices are
also an issue with the higher being. Add his
obvious and frequent alliances with the devil
himself and suddenly one wonders how God
could ever endorse said sinner. The truth is
Mr. Trump is an ungodly terror who doesn't
deserve his faithful flock's unerring support.