Friday, February 12, 2021

Let your conscience be your guide

Mitch way will they go?
From it's very start Mitch McConnell - Senate
Republican grand poobah suggested that Mr.
Trump's jurors "vote their conscience." Which
on the surface seems to afford any who want
the opportunity to let their conscience be their
guide. However said advice assumes that some
Senator's have a natural inbred moral compass.
A theory based on their comments which can
only be deemed optimisti. After presenting
a formidable case - the House's Impeachment
Manager's task of connecting the dots is done.
Now Mr. Trump's defense team will state their
case. The question being does it really matter?
Pre-conceived delusion
Good intentions aide - all of this may be for
naught. In that many Senate Republicans have
clearly stated that they've made up their minds.
Whether their warped bias is due to positive
intent, moral turpitude, or unfettered politics
is questionable at best. What is clear is that
anything except the truth may set Trump free.
Hence for a variety of excuses many in his
party are willing to sacrifice our democracy
for their political advantage. All proof that
elected "leaders" such as Misters Graham,
Cruz, and Hawley have absolutely no shame.
Nor obviously any conscience.
The choice is ours
Actions speak louder than words. Therefore
we the people have no choice but to render
judgement about the character of our elected
officials. Or... lack thereof.  Thus once these
so called leaders reach a foregone conclusion
we must vote our conscience. Holding them
and ourselves responsible for their thoughts,
words, and deeds. Whether Donald J. Trump
is convicted for his role in the insurrection is
not the end of our trial by fire. Ultimately we
must decide what is right versus wrong. And
allow our conscience to be our voting guide.
As always the truth will find us out.