Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Off the grid
It's kind of sad what we take for granted. All
of those modern conveniences that mankind
lacked for centuries. Recently our family in
Portland lost their power post abnormal snow
and ice storms. Leaving them home alone to
"chill" sans heat and electricity. Fortunately
their gas water heater, fireplace, and stovetop
still worked. Hence while it hasn't been easy
they've survived. Post five days of no juice
and still counting theres still no end in sight.
Meanwhile down south record breaking snow
and low temperatures are putting many to the
test. And suddenly the world's gone mad...
Back to basics
Going cold turkey is never easy. Especially
when it requires one sits in the dark while
the indoor temp hovers in the high fifties.
Suddenly everything we rely on has let us
down. Leaving us to our own devices. As
in good old fashioned manual labor - not
letting our fingers do the walking on a Mac
or I-Phone. Could it be that every once in
awhile nature decides to remind us of who
really has the power. Climatic crisis such
as this big chill only confirming that life as
we know it is tentative at best. So why take
anything for granted? Better safe than sorry?
Your loss - your gain
Could it be that fending for ourselves is
a good - not bad thing?  For the last year
we've learned to do without due to our
Coronavirus crisis. Now the weather is
forcing us to hone our survival instinct.
Much like fasting, the occasional hiatus
from technology clears the mind. While
freezing to death holds no allure, finding
someone to snuggle can be quite lovely.
Deprivation shows us that sans power -
we've got the power. Along with being
a gentle reminder to have a backup plan.
And...  a gas powered generator.