Monday, February 1, 2021


Some loathe it. Others run away at the very
thought. A few go south to never come back.
Then there's me. For more reasons than I can
easily recount, I LOVE winter. Not because
I like freezing my ass off. Nor do I relish the
task of shoveling snow or battling the blues.
What I adore is the solitude that comes with
this time of the year when it's best to hunker
down and get cozy. Hence even during this
time of Covid 19 - I'm happy to stay close
to home. Far away from it all. And while 
this quarantine insures my options are more
than limited, I'm simply happy to be alive.

At this point in life simplicity seems to offer
more satisfaction to both Frank and I. Over our
lifetimes we've had the privilege and pleasure
to over indulge in too many of the better things.
However all of the fuss that accompanies such
indulgences only grows more tiresome with age.
Suddenly one discovers that it's so much more
enjoyable to feed one's souls by the fireside in
the comfort of your own home. Given we no
longer feel the need to impress, we finally can
let our hair down and truly relax. Somehow
seeing said light is even more illuminating
appropriate during the darkest days of winter.
Be prepared
Fortunately staying cozy and warm enhances
one's outlook. In my opinion there really isn't
a season that's prettier than winter in central
Montana. Hence even when it snows - I only
see a glorious layer of flocking lingering on
all outside. Thus my favorite winter sport is
to just enjoy the view. Frank's garden is fast
asleep beneath it's blanket of white. Such a
hiatus enables Frank to plan for next, Thus
he spends these winter months pouring over
his stash of seed catalogs, garden guides, and
horticultural publications. Dreaming sans any
responsibility of tending (weeding) his plot!
Optimist's club
Rather than complain, I plan to stay out of
the cold and chill over the next few months.
Once the warm weather finally arrives and
everyone is vaccinated -all pent up demand 
will be unleashed. Meaning that our friends
and family will descend upon Montana like
locusts. While certain to be fun, having the
time to clean a closet or binge watch TV
is just fine for now.And ample indication
that this winter just might be anything but
the season of my discontent. My only worry
is whether I can complete my "to-do" list
before it's spring once more. I CAN WAIT!