Saturday, February 6, 2021


Road less traveled

One of the best things about living in central
Montana is that we're far from it all. One of
the greatest liabilities about living in central
Montana is that we're far from it all. Then of
course there is winter. When all of a sudden
our isolated locale is even more problematic.
Especially when it's a two hour drive to reach
civilization. Which is fine when our big skies
are sunny. However when it's snowing and a
white out - getting from here to there (or visa
versa) is challenging at best. On Thursday we
drove to Billings for a medical appointment.
And now we're stuck there.

Neither here nor there

Mother Nature has no problem getting in the
way. Hence shortly after we arrived a winter
storm watch went into effect. Heavy snow is
forecast for three days straight. Proving that
Montana is a land of extremes. Thus why are
we surprised that while we hit the mid fifties
a few days ago - today's low was below zero.
With Sunday and Monday not hitting above
zero. So there you have it. Once again we as
Montanans must muster up as much pioneer
spirit as possible. As we carefully travel the
one hundred and twenty miles back home in
blizzard conditions. How crazy is that?

Home sweet home

Obviously the above is just one example of the
hassles related to living in a literal SIBERIA.
Yet post being stuck in Montana's largest city -
their grass ain't greener. Between traffic and the
monotony of big box stores and chain eateries
we're glad to call Lewistown home. And while
occasionally forced to travel beyond our bubble
we're happy to stay put. Thus our time out and
about only brings home that less... is more. So
the next time any of us locals start to complain,
remind us of just how lucky we are. And that
soon it will be spring. Which is when everyone
who doesn't live here travels from afar to visit.