Saturday, February 27, 2021


Remote control

Oh the things you'll see. On Youtube that is.
Lately I'm addicted to an odd assortment of
videos. Given I'm over politics I had to find
something to absorb my time. Mostly I have
been viewing old BBC documentaries that
cause Frank's eyes to glaze over. However
for many reasons I love learning. And thus
can't resist a roaring recap of Chippendale's
for over two centuries in the Hermitage. A
bit boring to most but completely engaging
for an artistic type such as myself. 
Viewer discretion advised

Search and find a video about the good, bad,
and ugly. Along with all things fascinating,
charming, and illuminating. There are more
"how to" videos than any honey do list can
ever encompass. But one must be careful
who they "follow". As some may lead lead
them in the wrong direction. Like Kacha
the Russian chalk paint queen who destroys
vintage furniture. Slavering fine wood with
vile pastels, floral decals, sparkles, faux gold
leaf, and who knows what else. Be warned.
Viewing said desecration is like driving past
an auto wreck. You just have to look...
Who, what, where, and when

I'm not the only one. Frank is addicted to travel
vloggers. Who take him to places he's not been.
And may never get to see for himself. One of
our favorites are a gay couple who frequently
post via "The Way We Saw It". They hit the
hot (as in vacation) spots. Yet tread lightly as
some video tour guides can grow a tad tedious.
Especially when their homemade videos try to
earn their keep. Fortunately there are plenty
of other places to travel via Youtube. Hence
when you've had enough you simply change
channels. And search to your heart's delight!
So why not go ahead and tune in to tune out!