Monday, February 22, 2021


One year later
It's been a year since most of us first heard
of the Coronavirus. Twelve months later we
are still adapting to the challenges associated
with a viral pandemic. Most of us following
the rules, keeping our distance, being careful,
and hoping for the best. Whereas others still
rebel against any theoretical violation of their
rights. Even if that means endangering others.
As more and more Americans get vaccinated
and hence out of danger. As with any crisis
we have adjusted to the challenge. Growing
numb to the reality of the pain and suffering 
his pandemic has wrought across America.
Half a million and counting
As of today over five hundred thousand of
our family, friends, and neighbors have died
from Covid 19. To put that in context four
hundred and fifty thousand Americans died
fighting for our liberty in World War Two.
One hundred and sixteen for World War One.
Fifty eight thousand dead in Vietnam. Thirty
seven thousand in the Korean War. Leaving
us with only one sad statistic to still beat - 
the loss of six hundred to eight hundred fifty
thousand soldiers during the Civil War. And
yet... many continue to argue that Covid 19
is nothing but a hoax. How foolish is that?!
Equal opportunity
When did we become so callous? How can so
many American deny the impact of our loss?
Over the last years it's become fashionable to
reject reality. Supporting anything but facts.
Many of our fellow citizens opt to embrace
fantasy. Recent Coronavirus statistics show
a positive downtrend - and chances are it will
hit us hard once more. This fight is not over. 
Isn't it time that we all joined together  to do
the right thing? And hopefully save lives in
the process. Along with honoring our fellow
Americans who weren't as lucky as we. How
many more must die before we get smart?