Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Open or shut case?
Believe it or not - it's rare that any proceeding
within the U.S. Senate chamber brings tears to
my eyes. Don't get me wrong. Often actions or
inactions of our august elected officials drive
me nuts. Yet rarely incite a deeply emotional
reaction. So there I sat yesterday before my
TV set literally sobbing. All because of the
video evidence presented by those prosecuting
Donald J. Trump's impeachment trial. And it
seems that based on what many said post the
day's events - I was NOT alone. After all how
could anybody deny such a perilous threat to
our nation? Nor who perpetrated said farce?
Crazy but true?
Yet - that's exactly what forty four Republican
Senators did when they voted to still consider
Mr. Trump's 2nd impeachment unconstitutional.
A mind-boggling example of just how many of
them fear or are blindly dedicated to Trumpian
followers. Along with their political future.
Denial being the firm foundation of their joined
forces against truth. So why am I so surprised?
Somehow the party of my conservative parents
has become a state of confusion. One mired in
conspiracy theories, outright lies, and blind
obeisance. And for what? A megalomaniac
who lost the election? Does that make sense?
Impossible dream?
No matter the verdict, it seems impossible that
these blind sided Republicans won't suffer the
consequences of their errors in judgement. Self
serving or cultish devotion to Trump's cause is
concrete proof that they are incapable of doing
the right thing. Whether driven by their fear or
malice - such attempts to ignore reality can only
be deemed BIZARE. Along with threateningly
dangerous to our democracy. Will they listen to
reason? Hear out the facts? Ultimately do the
right thing? I don't know about you but I will
be watching very closely. Taking names. And
believe it or not hoping for their best.