Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Slice of life
One of the hardest lessons in life is the simple
fact that try as one may - it's almost impossible
to make everyone happy. Yet some of us spend
our lives attempting just that. Avoiding conflict
at all costs. Ignoring the inevitable. And in the
end making everyone miserable. Thus while it
is fine to be an optimist - it's future to strive for
the impossible. Which is why most leaders end
up in a Solomonic role. In that in most cases a
split decision is the only choice. And even if
neither party wins - both end up half way there.
An end approach that literally draws a line in
life's sand. Where some win and others lose.
Easy out?
If faced with a difficult decision it's natural to
take the easy way out. The only problem being
that rarely is such an escape route available. As
with everything any choice is accompanied by
pros and cons. And given there is rarely gain
sans pain - our challenge is figuring out when,
where, and how the resulting benefits outweigh
any liabilities. However whether it's short term
pain or gain depends on the situation. As fools
rush in sans fear and trepidation. Yet nothing
is more satisfying that realizing that even with
the odds against us we made the right decision.
Whether we like it... or not.
In a fix?
Obviously there is good and bad in all of us.
While most of us have the best intentions -
a few have a hidden agenda. No wonder that
life's greatest challenge is being figuring out
who, what, when, where, and why. Sans such
clarity one is blinded by an inability to face
facts. Right wrongs. Or course correct. Thus
like it or not there are times when one has to
say no. To speak our minds in order to end
up in a better place. At times uncomfortable -
such candor insures a positive outcome. So
be true to yourself. And please do us all a
favor. Stop trying to fix everything.