Saturday, February 20, 2021


Deep in the heart of Texas
Texans are a breed unto themselves. Brash, 
brave, and bold - they assume the world is
theirs. Under normal circumstances there is
nothing they can't do. By their very nature
Texans are tough. In part because living in
what is usually a hot and arid place requires
that one fight for survival That is unless you
happen to strike oil. Thus the Lone Star state
is used to tussling with Mother Nature. What
went wrong is that their proprietary utility
network failed. Leaving most Texans in the
dark sans heat and water. Fortunately I've no
doubt that they'll persevere. They're tough!
A fool in paradise
However there is one Texan who is in hot
water. Ted Cruz's big mistake was not just
jetting off to Cancun for the weekend. But
then making excuses as to why. Only to be
outed for his deception. Proving that said
man of the people is more comfortable on
the beach at the Ritz. Which shouldn't be
surprising to many Texans. In my limited
experience - the top tier of Texans know
how to spend their money. While in Dallas
I watched locals live life to the max. But
there is a time and place for everything.
And Ted Cruz should have known better.
Exit strategy
Soon Texas will get back to normal. What
isn't sure is whether Mr. Cruz can survive his
error in judgment. His challenge being that by
his very nature he's an arrogant prig. Hence
his natural tendency is to rub somebody the
wrong way. Will this Mexican faux pas be the
end of him? Or simply further proof that he's
a man unto himself for himself. My question 
s why would anybody vote for a man such as
he? And now that he's shown the world just
how out of touch he is - will they continue to
give him their support? Or is it time that he
finally gets what he deserves.