Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Betwixt and between
There is no doubt that most of us are deep into
what must be deemed our winter of discontent.
The pandemic limiting our options as it infects
this country. Therefore as temperatures fall so
does our outlook. Normally those with enough
time and wherewithal head south. To warmer
temperatures. Less responsibility. Yet this year
many snowbirds are struggling with where,
when, and whether to escape. In theory older
and wiser - their first challenge is whether to
fly or drive. Either choice taking them out of
their Covid comfort zone. And exposing them
to an infectious world at large. 
Eye of the storm
Nothing is ever easy. The other day my friend
was flying down to Florida. Post checking in
early at the airport, she was informed that her
flight was delayed five hours. Because an Air
Traffic Controller in Jacksonville had tested
positive for Covid 19. Forcing a shut down of
the control tower in order for it to be totally
disinfected. Leaving snowbirds stranded in
pandemic purgatory. Quite crazy said state
of suspended animation was also more than a
bit alarming. Because suddenly said stranded
travelers had no choice but to sit and stew for
five hours in the company of strangers.  
Either here or there
We all want to run away. Post escaping down
south one's options remain limited due to the
Coronavirus. Normally friends reconnect.
Now they'll keep their distance. Rather than
dine out it's take out. Instead of bar hopping
it's bar none. And while still shopping it's all
on-line.  Thus the benefits of a warm clime
aside, most snowbirds simply moved from
one bubble to another. With no option but to
chill. Hence as they sit under palm trees they
are asking themselves the same question as
those they left behind. Wondering when will
life finally return to normal?