Monday, January 18, 2021


Nowhere to hide

There are times when I wish I lived in another
time. One where a lack of technology offered
some respite. A buffer zone between an actual
event. The subsequent sorting out of what just
happened. And a final fact based analysis that
clearly defines it all for history. Unfortunately
nowadays the immediacy of our instant access
to information throws all of us in the midst of
said milieu. Swept up by the swirl sans being
able to change a channel, put the paper down,
or step aside and somehow get on with life. A
new reality which makes virtual reality almost
impossible to ignore or... escape.
It is what it is
Whether I want to or not I can't stop thinking
about what just happened in our U.S. Capitol.
It's hard to be rational when submerged in the
subsequent deluge of images, video, and data.
All not only confirming what we initially saw
and thought was right. But further reinforcing
just how close we came to the edge. Or as of
now just how fragile the tenuous ties that bind
America together truly are. For all we know -
those rebellious insurgents could strike again.
Threatening the very core of our democracy.
And for what? A plethora of lies propagated
by our President himself. And many more.
Dressed to kill
Stepping back, it's easy to understand why we
didn't consider a herd of MAGA clad clowns
as a threat. When in reality - within said group
were packs of wolves in cheap clothing. Evil
predators, disenfranchised outsiders, and just
plain crazies. All hellbent on doing Trump's 
bidding. Blinded by their devotion to the man
himself, conspiracy theories, and extremist
rhetoric. Yet in the end - somehow they were 
stopped and disaster was averted. A miracle
in and of itself. In that as the dust settles it
what becomes clear is how deep their cancer
has poisoned our nation. And may still kill it.
Guilty as charged
As the facts continue to come out - we have
one choice. Which is to stop this insurrection.
To do what is necessary to stem Mr. Trump's
tide of deception. Hence his impeachment is
a necessary evil. Next - all who helped him
spread his lies must be removed. Including
elected members of our Senate and Congress
who propagated lies versus truths for political
advantage. Then there is the MAGA media.
Those pundits who used their bully pulpits
to promote lies in order to increase ratings. 
It's time we spoke the truth. And hold all of
those liars accountable.