Saturday, January 2, 2021


New year's revolution?
Ultimately good usurps evil. Every day each
of us battle our own demons. If nothing else -
history reminds us that what goes around
returns with a vengeance. Thus while one
hopes that civilization can learn from our
mistakes - it seems that we're nothing more
than repeat offenders. No wonder we think
mankind thrives on turmoil, derision, and
conflict. Even while the best of us still rise
above the fray. Real leaders offer viable
ways to make things better. The question is
whether we will do the right thing. Or just
spin. Let's see what happens January Sixth.
July 1, 1921
On the first day of this month the Chinese
Communist party was founded. Weeks later
their first meeting was disbanded by police.
Still they persevered. A century later China
continues to be a bastion of communism.
Meanwhile that same July Adolf Hitler was
named leader of the Nazi Party. Just twelve
years later becoming Germany's Chancellor.
Twenty four years later he took his own life
in a bunker under the ruins of Berlin. Proof
that the scariest things in life are often very
real. Whereas conspiracy theories are rarely
if ever proven to be true. 
August 11, 1921
While vacationing with his family on an
isolated Canadian island above Maine
Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken with
polio. Paralyzed from the waist down - 
it seemed to end his political aspirations.
While it would have been so easy to give
up he fought. Pure grit, conviction, and
perseverance leading to his election as
the Governor of New York. Only to later
be elected President of the United States
for four terms. Leading us through the
Great Depression and most of World War
Two. But where are such leaders today?
September 7, 1921
Post strutting her stuff down the Atlantic
City boardwalk sixteen year old Margaret
Gorman became the first Miss America.
Since then generations of women have
leveraged beauty and brains in order to
win big. Becoming media stars such as
Lee Meriwether, Mary Anne Mobley,
Gretchen Carlson, Debbye Turner Bell,
and Vanessa Williams. Now deemed an
archaic sexist ritual - beauty pageants are
redefining their cultural role. Meanwhile
there will be no pageant this year making
it yet another victim of the Coronavirus.
October 21, 1921
"The Sheik" staring Rudolph Valentino
premiered in New York City on this day.
Said Arabian dream chronicling the love
story of an English blonde and a dark and
handsome foreigner. Making the young
Italian immigrant a global sex symbol.
For the next five years women swooned
at the very mention of their Latin Lover's
name. Then suddenly at age thirty one he
died of peritonitis. His funeral in New
York City creating a frenzy as over one
hundred thousand fans lined the streets to
pay their respects. Talk about star power!
November 9, 1921
On this day the Italian Partito Nazionalista
Fascista was formed by Benito Mussolini.
Parlaying Italy's post WWI economic woes
to his advantage. Promising financial, social,
and cultural reform. Post a coup d'etat one
year later, "Il Duce" held an iron grip over
Italy for twenty three years. Later joining
Adolph Hitler in his war against the world.
With defeat in sight - he and his mistress
tried to escape to Switzerland. Only to be
captured and killed. Their corpses hung
in shame above a gas station for all to see.
Karma is a bitch ain't she? Ha ottenuto il suo!
December 6, 1922
Headlines today chronicled the signing
of the Anglo/Irish treaty which ended the
Irish War of Independence. Establishing 
a self-governing Irish free state. Sadly a
split over the treaty started the Irish Civil
War. Ending a year later with pro-treaty
proponents as victors. Yet the turmoil in
Ireland continues today. With factions of
the Irish Republican Army still battling
British involvement in their "free" state.
Which shows us that winning does not
guarantee a smooth transfer of power. No
wonder Washington D.C. is such a mess.