Monday, January 11, 2021


"Winner" takes all
Yesterday we drove by a ramshackle house in
town. For months a Trump flag has hung from
it's porch. Along with a sign that suggests we
need to "Save The Cowboy". However there
is now a new sign on the property line. An ode
to Trump updated with a "1" overlaid upon the
last digit of 2020. Suggesting that even after the
shameful events at our capitol last week - many
Americans are still ready for a fight. Later we
drove into Roundup. A bustling metropolis of
just over eighteen hundred. Apparently none
of whom own a face mask. And some wonder
why we can't make America great "again"?!
Selfish instigation
Why are some so angry? Who wants to destroy
their future? Or do they enjoy being miserable?
Satisfied when their pot - not soul - is stirred?!
Something very wrong is fueling this retinue of
lost souls. While I'd like to blame Mr. Trump
alone - the evil undercurrent that is poisoning
our country is fed by many behind the scenes.
Nurturing a bitter sense of entitlement in the
hearts of disenfranchised Americans who feel
their country has been taken from them. Thus
they are ready to fight. Which only insures that
anybody who stands in their way are targets of
their hate, ire, and terror. How great is that?
Payback time
Such victims of circumstance assume everyone
else is conspiring against them. That a network
of foreigners, politicians, and billionaires have
the unfair advantage. Hence they have the right
to over compensate in an effort to satiate their
inferiority complex. No wonder they strut about
our communities fully armed in combat gear.
And illegally park vehicles full of explosives
on crowded streets. They can do whatever they
want. Even if that means breaking the law. Or
killing a veteran guarding their democracy's
hallowed halls. Now is their payback time to
get what rightfully theirs. Others be damned.
Prisoners of war
Confronted with reality they deny just that. 
Preferring the fantastical fakery of random
conspiracy theories. Engorging on digital
dogma spoon fed by anonymous prophets.
Motivated by manipulative mantras sans
any sense of who, what, where, and why.
Worshipping a false idol who is in reality
simply a reality TV megalomaniac. Willing
to leverage their loyalty to fight his futile
battle for self aggrandizement. Like some
vampire thriving on their blind allegiance.
What happens when they realize it was all
for naught? Will they ever find the truth?