Friday, January 15, 2021


Numb sense
Suddenly I can relate to victims of torture. At
some point you give up. Become numb. And
while you know that what is happening to you
is painful, you're buffered from said torment.
I don't know about you. But I am terrified of
what may happen. Both in every state capitol
across this land and in Washington D.C. All
of a sudden we are all at risk. Due to reasons
within our control this nation has reached it's
karmic point of no return. Courtesy of a crazy
megalomaniac who has no idea of what he's
wrought. Unaware of the residual impact of
his evil ways. Or too senseless to even care.
Sad but true
We must be in the five stages of grief. Our
leaders still in denial. Unwilling to accept
their role in our crisis. Others are very angry.
Eager to punish all responsible for the mess
we're in. Most just want to find a solution.
Hence they're bargaining with the devil to
find a way out. Or like me they are deeply
saddened this happened in the first place.
Slowly we're finding any way to face our
new reality. Accepting that nothing will be
easy for quite some time. That the odds
are against us. The worst is yet to come.
And try as we might theres no escaping it.
From bad to worst
I wish I could offer up some sunshine and
lollipops. Unfortunately we're about to face
what may be the darkest days America has
seen. Not since the civil war have fellow
Americans been enemies. Some hell bent
on destroying the delicate balance we call
democracy. Theres a strong chance some
of us could end up dead because of faux
conspiracy theories. A foolish waste that
I find baffling. What truly lies in store for
we the people? Only time will tell. In the
meantime all we can do is hope and pray.
And if need be, find somewhere to hide.