Monday, January 25, 2021


Just one of those dreamers
It's rare that I can't think of something to opine
about. Yet post changes in Washington I've lost
my frequent source of fodder for any stream of
consciousness. Hence nothing exciting, hurtful,
or of interest to share. Which is exactly what
I dreamed of. But as the trusted adage suggests
one must be careful what they wish for because
it just might happen. In my case - the calm post
Trump's storm forces me to now take a step or
two back. To a time when I enjoyed life rather
than worried that stress was going to kill me. 
So as always... change is good. And all that we
hope and dream almost always comes true.

What's new?
They say you can't go back Yet sans the endless
drama of Trump's administration - CNN holds
little allure. Therefore I find myself reverting to
life as it was five years ago. When I rarely tuned
into the news. Focusing instead on the Style,
Real Estate, Arts, and Obits sections in the NY
Times. Things that not only interested but also
gave me pleasure. So in essence I'm becoming
to the man I once was. A bit older and wiser -
but I can't help but wonder what I will do with
myself. Along with whether all of my political
angst was for naught. Did I just waste a chunk
of my life on a painful exercise in futility ?
My just desserts?
Ultimately I had to learn my lesson the hard
way. Which is that time is precious. And that
life is what we make of it. Hence from now
on I plan to live and let live. So rather than
attempt to fight the world, I'm going to focus
on my tiny sphere of influence. To tell the truth
I should have known better. In that in the end
the only thing one can control is themselves.
Now I've come full circle. Which means I'm
calling the shots. The only question is whether
I polish the silver, bake a cake, or take a nap.
Obviously all of the above won't cure cancer.
But they all make me very happy. Imagine that.