Monday, January 4, 2021


Pioneer spirit 
Everybody assumes that they're the exception
to a rule. Our individual circumstances set us
apart from the rest. For reasons only known to
us - we think we should be given extra slack.
Allowed to bend the rules to meet our needs.
All of which is fine within the limited scope
of me, myself, and I. Yet given we all live in
the world at large. There are times when our
personal wants, needs, and desires have to be
sacrificed for the good of mankind. A theory
which most embrace until it requires that we
give up something important to only us. It's
then that we get ornery. Aren't we special?
Western exposure 
Here in Montana the pioneer spirit is alive
and well. The cowboy way empowers folks
to be and do whatever suits them - as long
as it doesn't hurt others. Most Lewistown
locals really dislike being told what to do.
Rebelling against any dictum as if parking
properly or mowing lawns was a violation
of their constitutional rights. Or wearing
a mask when frequenting a public store or
venue. Said rebellion putting at least part
of their sacred western code of ethics into
question. At least whenever something they
freely do just happens to endanger others.
Risky business 
Our heritage of rebellion warps our reality.
Recently someone shared they'd been sick
with Coronavirus. A known fact given their
positive test results. Certain they caught it
from fellow housemates who while quite
sick had not been tested. Understandable
given westerners prefer to silently suffer
rather than make a fuss. Quite fine under
normal circumstances. But dangerous when
we purposefully avoid providing invaluable
documentation. Which not only aids local
medical professionals in their fight against
this pandemic but protects fellow citizens.
Equal opportunity 
I often say that those lucky enough to call
central Montana home live in a bubble. One
where it's easy to avoid the challenges other
Americans face on a daily basis. But in the
case of a viral pandemic - we have to face
reality. It's our responsibility to adapt how
we live for the good of our family, friends, 
and neighbors. In order to stop this virus we
must do our part. Which includes following
the rules. Such as quarantining and getting
a test if/when we're exposed. And wearing
a mask to limit our impact on others. Doing
what's right is how the west will be ONE.