Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Jeez spot
Some suggest leopards never change their
spots. As proven by the recent contradiction
of Susan Collin's post impeachment take on 
phone calls from the Oval Office. Some of
us can't help ourselves. Or worse - reject all
attempts to help us get things right. Thus in
the end we're all creatures of habit. In that
when left to our own devices we each have
our own "schitck". And if we're truly honest
evolutionary attempts aside - nothing can or
will change us. There is good and bad in all.
With quite different ratios of said yin versus
yang depending on who we're talking about.
Spotted dick
One hopes for the best. In that even the most
jaded tries to see the good in all of us. Yet
in the end - cheaters hedge their bets. Haters
gonna hate. And Polly-annas are certain to be
disappointed.  We are who we are. The good,
bad, and the ugly. Yet against all odds we are
still surprised when things take their course.
Rather than go with the flow we act like some
fervent missionary. Attempting to turn the tide.
Thinking only we can transform devils into
angels. When in fact trying to change minds
is akin to convincing a Trump supporter that
the election wasn't rigged. It ain't happening.
Spot on
What makes any of us think that we can turn
water into wine. Or lemons into lemonade?
Miracles aside, something must be driving
our futile attempts. Do we all share a pious
passion to make others adhere to our rules - 
not theirs. What gives us the right to ignore
the obvious? At some point we need to live
and let live. In the hope that ultimately all
of these nuts will self destruct or run out of
steam. Somehow we've been able to survive
five years of manic oppression. January 6th
shall soon pass. America will survive.. It is
what it is. And they are who they are.