Friday, January 8, 2021

Who turned out the lights?

Let there be light
Nobody likes to be left out in the dark. Yet
seeing the light isn't always as easy as one
might assume. Lately I've been repeatedly
screwing. As in inserting light bulbs into
sockets that is. It seems that day after day at
least one of our light bulbs dies prematurely.
It could be that our adored but now demised
electrician is playing some cosmic tricks on
us. Or is it simply that the new generation 
(and expensive) of light bulbs are dismal
failures? And thus designed to self destruct.
Even if their packaging has promises they'll
last for decades. It must be an evil scam.
Limited engagement
Planned  obsolescence may be appropriate
for Presidential administrations. However
when it comes to life's essentials such as
appliances,  furnaces, and the like - it's a
pain in the ass. It has been six years since
we moved into our  "new" old home. Now
our kitchen helpers are plotting against us.
Ticking time  bombs ready and waiting to
let us down. Living on eggshells is tough
enough. In the fear of every random clang
or hum is beyond disconcerting. As is the
impending threat of a major bill for repairs
or the astronomical cost for a replacement. 
For better or worse?
It wasn't always this way. Long ago people
took pride in what they made. Things like
appliances were modern miracles built to
last Thus that seventy year old fridge still
chills in Frank's parent's basement. Doing
the job it was designed to do. Unfettered
by purposefully built in gremlins installed
to fail. Is it too much to want something
we can rely on in this crazy world of ours?
Shouldn't an investment in life's essentials
be money well spent? Sadly it's seems that
the only firm guarantee in our throw away
culture is that we're destined for failure.