Thursday, January 7, 2021


From bad to worse
Years ago I sat in a booth in Patroon. Across
the room Don Trump Junior held court. At
best a buffon or worse a spoiled brat. Thus
as I watched his speech this morning at the
Trump march rally in Washington I was not
surprised.  Like any arsonist, he poured gas
on the crowd's fire. Stoking fear, anger, hate,
and anarchy. All with no real sense of what
he was doing. For him it was theater. His big
chance to be the top guy in the limelight. So
like father - like son. Shortly thereafter the
President took the podium. And things went
from bad to worse to absolutely shocking.
Out of control
Ultimately we reap what we sow. Hence it
should come as no surprise that post four
years of encouraging the worst in some of
us - Mr. Trump got what he asked for. And
suddenly - everything we Americans hold
true is threatened. Yesterdays events were
shameful. First our elected representatives
attempted to reject the will of the people.
Next fellow citizens stormed our Capitol's
hallowed halls. Forcing our government to
shut down. Then finally Trump's broadcast
and Twitter defense of his madness. Proof
of just how crazy our outgoing President is.
It is what it is
It would be quite easy to say I told you so.
However todays events were much worse
than I ever expected. As I write this blog
four have been killed. Near our capital
thousands of Trump supporters are still in
a stand-off with police. As our leadership
plans to reconvene and proceed with their
acceptance of electoral college results.
Will democracy survive such an onslaught?
At this point one thing is certain.  Donald
Trump is a delusional megalomaniac. And
incapable of leading this country until Joe
Biden's inauguration. He must go NOW!