Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Who, what, when, and where
Racism is by it's very nature myopically inbred.
While most won't admit it - prejudice "colors"
our perspective. Causing many Americans to
see others for NOT who they are. But rather
WHAT they assume they are. Notice I used the
word "what". That's because the deep set roots
of racism's evil is that it dehumanizes any who
differ from the norm. Even when said standard
benefits the lesser of said evil versus those it
penalizes. White America is a fantasy at best.
Lies aside - uur ever evolving nation has long
been a melting pot. A multi-hued melange that
by it's very nature defies unconventional bias.
Hidden agenda
The theory that the color of one's skin makes
them superior is convoluted at best. Hence
since mid-sixties attempts at reform racism
has tried to hide beneath the surface. A dark
secret poisoning society. It's subtle cruelty
tainting laws, leaders, and opportunities.
Then Donald Trump unleashed its evil by
publicly validating known racists. Fueling
their warped perspective for political gain.
Lancing America's bias boil to unleash a
tsunami of purulence. Whose sole purpose
is to strategically eradicate the inalienable
rights of targeted minorities. 
The truth be told?
Which leads us to where America is today.
Some may deny it but white supremacy is
the greatest threat to democracy. In that it's
sole purpose is to eliminate equality. Thus
racism is the cultural gasoline that fueled
Trump's insurrection. Our constitutional
crisis is all about power. WHITE power.
Thus as some argue that "all lives matter"
their true message is that WHITE trumps
black. In that no other race or color could
ever be more important than theirs. Proof
that we still have a lot to learn. Hence our
collective problem is US not just "them".