Saturday, January 23, 2021

What a difference a day makes

Twenty four little hours
One of life's greatest affirmations is finding
a kindred spirit. With whom we share a deep
bond. The past days many of like mind have
been basking in the thrill that we have a new
President. Collectively enjoying the feeling
that the weight of the world had been lifted
off our shoulders. Said joy is not driven out
of spite. Nor a residual dose of "I told you
so." Rather we're simply enjoying the calm
post Donald Trump's stormy exit from the
oval office. Suddenly all the mania is gone.
Sans Tweets, lies. or drama it's no wonder
that we all feel as if we've just escaped hell.
Two weeks later
Suddenly I've got time on my hands. Rather
than fret all day. Instead of being glued to
the news. I'm finally able to breathe a sigh
of relief for the first time in over four years.
Who knew that two weeks after the crisis
at our Capitol we'd be hopeful? Reveling
in the joy of life as we once knew it. And
at least for a few days - catching up on all
we've missed while distracted. Hence I've
been poking about the house. Free to take
care of my missed opportunities. Feeling
as if I've been given a chance to get back
to normal. And hopefully get a fresh start.
A new day
I'm fully aware that many of my fellow
citizens are still angry. Convinced that
the election was stolen. Yet could they
also be enjoying the silence? Suddenly
Donald J. Trump is nothing more than
a mute (not moot) point. A nuisance
who has suddenly become irrelevant.
Obviously we Americans continue to
differ. The tension of democracy being
anything but sunshine, lollipops and
rainbows. Yet while shell shocked we
are finally exiting our haze. To discover
that America is stronger than ever.