Saturday, January 9, 2021


Land of opportunity

America is home to the free and the brave.
Providing a wide berth which offers ample
opportunity for radically diverse opinions,
beliefs, and perspectives. Hence why our
government is built on a framework which
insures we meet on common ground. Said
process of consensus is never easy. And yet
somehow always finds an effective way to
avoid extremes. This week we saw it under
fire as Donald Trump's army of followers
attacked the U.S. Capital. Desecrating the
very core of our republic. And reminding
us all of just how fragile our democracy is. 
Familiarity breeds contempt
As the dust still settles we're slowly finding
out who the insurgents are. Most remind me
of folks I know. Obviously there were a lot
of angry, hostile and delusional individuals
involved. However there also were people
who even in the midst of mania had no idea
what they were doing. Like any lost lamb
simply following the lead of black sheep.
I can't stop thinking about two women who
when interviewed during the mania claimed
"nobody is being hurt". Along with asserting
their right to trample our collective freedom
in the name of Trump. How sad but... true.
Home grown
That angry mob on TV was all too familiar.
Being attacked from within hits home. They
all could have been your disenfranchised
relative, friend, or neighbor. Which shows
that democracy is a delicate balance. One
which must be considered with reverence.
This week's attack on the Capitol puts the
connus on us. We must protect, preserve,
and cherish our equal opportunities. Hence
every vote matters. Especially when giving
power to honest, thoughtful, and strategic
leaders. Each committed to insuring that
we never battle home grown foes again.