Wednesday, January 13, 2021

That's for you to decide...

A case of mistaken unanimity

Often this blog results in a dialogue via
readers on Facebook. Recently many of
my fellow Americans are struggling with
reality. Today the Congress is voting to
impeach Trump again. As he threatens
anybody who challenges him. While his
followers plan attacks on state capitols
and the U.S. Capitol. Hence we wonder
how our family, friends, and neighbors
could have ever supported Trump. Said
actions causing me to draw a line in the
sand post election. Only to then regret it.
But I can't help but ask - how could you?
Who'd a thunk?
Nobody likes to discover that they've made
a mistake. Or worse - did something which
in hindsight was questionable at best. Yet
that's what almost half of Americans are
now struggling with. The realization being
that the man they voted for has driven this
nation to the a very dark place. Some still
deny that reality due to the barrage of lies
still being propagated by Trump's acolytes.
Others can't accept their role in the reasons
why we're now in trouble.  Their defense
being that given the choice they had none.
And thus chose the lesser of two evils.
It could happen to you
History shows us that seemingly innocent
people can still make poor choices. Why is
for them to consider and accept. Take Nazi
Germany, Fascist Italy, Rwanda, Cambodia,
or today's North Korea. Given the choice
many folks opted to go with the flow. Even
when it led them to an evil dead end. One
hopes that those we know and respect will
now see the error of their ways. Learning
from their mistake. And doing whatever it
takes to make things better. Isn't that what
happens post a moral crisis such as this?
One can only hope and pray this ends well.