Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Undercover agents
Believe it or not, many of those who just
stormed the capitol did so for two reasons.
One driven by rumors of election fraud. The
other due to anger over Coronavirus dictates.
Specifically mask mandates. Stop and think
about what you just read. Some Americans
were so frustrated by being forced to wear
a mask - during a viral pandemic - that they
felt justified in attacking our government.
Can you believe it? How could something
so seemingly sensible drive others over the
edge? How can an act of prevention for the
common good end up being so bad for us?
Hidden agenda
This country was founded on rebellion.
An uprising against tyranny, corruption,
and an unfair advantage. Hence a mask-
less mass violated our Capitol's sacred
halls because they assumed it was their
right to do so. Their revolt spreading
more than the Covid 19 virus. But also
an insurrection that endangered the core
of our democracy. Along with poisoning
any Trump administration legacy. Why?
Could a strip of fabric be a branch of the
root of all evil? Is not wearing a mask
worth sacrificing our American dream?
Just do it
There are many things that frustrate me.
However none are motivation enough to
destroy democracy. What we're suffering
from is a pandemic of self righteous
foolishness. Masked behind a plethora
of pundit fueled political tomfoolery. All
of which threatens the very health of our
republic. Now is the time reconsider why
protecting yourself (and others) is still a
violation of your freedom. We all make
sacrifices for the common good. Wearing
a mask just that. So step up, stand tall, 
strap one on, and stop complaining!