Friday, January 22, 2021


Change for change's sake
In theory Americans have much in common.
The foundation of democracy being liberty
and justice for all. However everything else
is a matter of choice once we move beyond
it's core. So it comes as no surprise that we
each see things in our own way. To each
their own being a good thing. Except when
it deters the process of evolution. Change is
exactly what this country needs. Which will
at some point require that we each give in.
Rethink preconceived notions. And maybe
alter the course of this nation for the better.
Or watch our American dream reach its end.
Three strikes and you're out
Inauguration night a national celebration was
televised. All of the major networks ran this
star studded homage to America. Plus PBS,
CNN, and CNBC. Yet the Fox News channel
opted to ignore the obvious. Choosing instead
to run it's traditional terrible three - Tucker - 
Hannity - and Ingraham. Thus as the rest of
America reveled in a patriotic panoply, Fox
viewers were consumed with vitriolic anger.
Which went so low it was embarrassing. Thus
I wonder how we can overcome Fox's cultish
rhetoric.Is their futile quest for higher ratings
so important that America must be damned?
Station break
Recently a gentleman wrote a letter to our
local editor. Like many others he rambled
off a raft of second hand falsehoods. Ending
with a statement that "our government has
failed us". Suggesting that consequently - 
"only God can save us." In a way one can't
blame him. If all I did was watch Fox News
each night I would also give up hope. And
so our challenge is how to save those who
purposefully poison themselves on a nightly
basis. It's almost impossible to see the light
if you tune into the dark side. If only there
was a way we could flip their channel....