Saturday, January 16, 2021


Frozen assets
Thus far the winter weather has been in our
favor. That is here in central Montana. As
we enjoy the somewhat temperate here and
now - we know what's on it's way. Hence a
subzero sword of Damocles looms over us.
Ready to smite Lewistown with months of
snow on the ground. Along with the slippery
slopes that accompany it. Which is made all
the worse by the isolation that accompanies
a viral pandemic. Plus a political crisis that
has our democracy teetering on the brink of
implosion. Hence it's no surprise that we're
already deep into a winter of our discontent.
Cold war
There is something unsettling about living
in times such as these. In part because we
really don't know who to trust. Sadly those
older and wiser are deemed obstacles to
some of our fellow citizens rights. As in
doing what's right. Behaving responsibly
is considered a political nuisance. Hence
many throw caution to the wind. Ignoring
all others in their quest to live or... die as
they choose. Forcing those they expose
to dream of a day when courtesy returns
into favor. Only then will our killer cold
war end. And life goes back to "normal". 
Grin and bear it
Normally I love winter. It's my time to
hibernate, regroup, and chill. Within
said seasonal suspended animation one
is able to see things for what they are.
Which is exactly what all Americans
need to do. Post four years of manic
oppression we need to step back and
start anew. Whether we'll be able to 
do just that depends on what happens
over the next few days. So we wait
and hope that by spring - all that we
know, love, and value will return with
a vengeance. Hope springs eternal!