Thursday, January 21, 2021


Doing what comes naturally
We're all human. Even when at times some of
us don't behave as such. Yesterday we swore
in a new President and Vice President. A man
and a woman. Folks just like us. Who breathe, 
eat, and sleep in order to survive. Thus when
it comes to other humans beings there is little
difference between one or the other. Yet as we
learned all too well it takes a unique person
to inspire, lead, and motivate the rest of us. As
a leader - even the most humble is required to
rise to the occasion. To lead by example. And
if they do their job - to show us the way. Even
when some of us want to do anything but that.
Equal but different
Joe may be just a guy. Kamala just a gal. Yet
I believe both will change America for the
better. Doing their best to help us be our best.
However we all must do our part. To step up,
reach out, and open our minds and hearts.
Nothing good will happen sans partnership,
collaboration, and at times capitulation. As
proven by our track record in Washington
D.C. over the last twelve years. Now is the
time to accept each other as equals. Because
we're more alike than we think we are. And
ready to indulge each other in equal shares
of human decency. It's time don't you think?
All together now
Somehow I feel the weight of the world has
been lifted off my shoulders. Not because
all of our problems are gone. But due to the
fact that our two new leaders have already
proved that they are decent human beings. 
Not perfect. Not always right (nor wrong).
But living, breathing, caring, and evolving
folks like us. And that's the difference. As
of Wednesday it's no longer all about them. 
But rather all about the people they humbly
serve. And what could be more human than
that? Reason enough to be optimistic and
celebrate. God bless them and America!