Tuesday, March 10, 2020

We've nothing to fear but fear itself

Reality check
Yesterday it seemed the bottom had fallen out
of the world at large. The stock market sank
by two thousand - causing a forced trading stop.
Driven in part by a oil power struggle between
Russia and Saudi Arabia. Along with increased
fears of an impending Coronavirus recession.
Near Seattle more seniors died while locked in
their assisted living prison. And in Oakland yet
another cruise ship docked and then transferred
its passengers to military quarantine facilities.
Senators and members of Congress entered self
enforced isolation. All as our President tried to
downplay the crisis. And how sick is that?
Crisis management
It could be worse. Late last night we got the
news that a dear friend had finally succumbed
to cancer. And suddenly, everything was put
into context. In times such as these it's obvious
that we can control little to nothing. That fate
wreaks havoc whether we like it or not. Thus
it's all too easy to lose hope. To consider such
obstacles impossible to overcome. Or dive deep
into a state of denial. When in fact nirvana may
be somewhere in the middle of nowhere that is.
The fact is living in isolated circumstances does
have its benefits. Hence I'm choosing to cherish
the here... and now. At least as long as it lasts...
Survival mode
My parents survived the Great Depression.
Both personally experienced the impact of
a horrific economic downturn. Born during
the height of the Spanish Influenza epidemic
my Dad later fought for freedom amidst the
prime of his life. Only to lose their daughter
at age fourteen. And end life fighting cancer
and Alzheimer's. Yet somehow my parents
were able to live rich, fulfilling lives. Thus
even in these darkest of times they inspire.
Examples of optimism, determination, and
hope. Reminding me that no matter how bad
it gets, it will get better... and then some!
Emergency room
So rather than panic, I'm going to try to look
on the bright side. Last night all it took was
for my honey to reach out and take my hand.
Suddenly, all was right in the world. Affirming
that even if we lose everything, we'll still have
each other. This soon shall pass. The market
will self- correct. Coronavirus will come and
go. Friends and loved ones will remain in our
hearts. Which brings to mind a cliche tsunami.
Tomorrow is another day. It ain't over till it's
over. Good things come to those who wait.
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. So why
worry? We've nothing to fear but fear itself.