Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Far away from it all
At this point who doesn't want to run away?
Depending on whom one chooses to believe
our national purgatory may end by Easter. Or
extend hrough June, or as late as March 2021.
No wonder I find myself fantasizing about
some far flung nirvana. Fantasy at best given
there is no place in this world that is truly safe.
Hence wishes aside, all of us are slowly being
forced to face our new reality. One that stars
a rather elusive enemy. Which infects many
sans symptoms. Enabling them to innocently
expose friends and family to a stealth foe. So
who can we trust? And where are we to go?
Isle of man
Back in 1624 John Donne wrote that "no man
is an island." And obviously knew that millions
had died of bubonic "black" plague a century
prior. Way back then quarantine consisted of
painting a black cross upon one's door to warn
everyone to beware of social contact. Yet both
victims and victors of said scourge had no idea
how a virus spread. Whereas in today's mania
we're all too aware of the risks we humans take
by simply being human. Today every one of us
is forced to create our own islands. Isolated as
the Covid 18 rules world at large. Purposefully
set apart from the rest. Far away from them all.
The heart of what matters
It's been suggested that one be careful what
they wish for. Now our desire to get away is
manifested in this harsh reality. Imprisoned
in solitary confinement it's easy to assume
anyplace is better than our current situation.
Rather than feel trapped we should use this
time to expand our hearts, souls, and minds.
While not surrounded by palm trees, we are
immersed in world sof your own making. So
why not appreciate all that you've got? And
savor all that you've worked so hard to have
and to hold. Then realize that your fantasy
island is in reality HOME SWEET HOME!